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About The McLellan

Why The McLellan?

At the heart of The McLellan, when it was just an idea, was a place small enough so that we all knew each other as neighbors and diverse enough to be inspired by each other as friends. Inspired to live every day with purpose. To live every day disrupting the societal aging concept that when one is over 50 there is nothing left to accomplish or pursue.  It does not need to be a perfect life, to be a happy life.  We all make mistakes, have regrets, wish we had done things differently.  All we can do is stick together, forgive, learn and continue to love.  You all have incredible families, think of The McLellan as just adding a few more to your dinner table!

At The McLellan we are not 85 years old, we are 85 years young. Being independent senior has nothing to do with whether or not you use a walker or a cane. Independency is a state of mind. That independent spirt is what we value, protect and celebrate here more than anything else.

Every morning is the start of a new day and a new beginning. To disrupt society’s concept that as we age we must lose parts of our lives, The McLellan must be thought of as more than just a building with 19 residences. The McLellan is a loyal community of people, 62 years young and onward.  A community of people who are eager to keep living and making a difference.  A community of people with varied interests, who are eager to remain active and to explore what is next in life.  A community of people with caring and understanding for their neighbors when the speedbumps of life set us back.  Your residence  at The McLellan is a part of The McLellan, but outside your door, the whole building and property is yours as well. Outside your home apartment door is life and people waiting to say hello, waiting to walk downtown before dinner, inviting you to raise the flag, pick lettuce for the salad.  Step outside  your front door and we will be ready to go for that walk, ready for a great conversation, ready to meet the day.

The McLellan concept of living is so deeply seeded in my heart, from values whispered to me as a young child.  When you are living at The McLellan, here is my promise to each of you and to myself: “The moments of our lives have value, whether we are 8 or 108, every single moment matters.

Love and gratitude for each new day and each new hello,
Amy McLellan / Founder


“Our 43 years of design/ build energy efficient green construction methods allow for more cost effective budgeting and life cycle by employing common sense construction details, materials management and repurpose and reuse of property and products. We have been involved in several projects like The McLellan. Repurpose projects like the MBNA call center/ Knox Mill mixed use project in Camden, The Underwood Sardine Factory/ Underwood Condo Project, Bass Harbor and the Nurses Residence/ Riverside Inn EMMC Bangor are some examples of our work.

The McLellan is a particularly exciting project. The newest model of boutique elder care facilities, The McLellan, who’s owner will live in, manage, operate and own the facility was a registered nurse and extremely good at bedside care with a passion for life. Her personality is electric. Her excitement for life is unmatched and her goal is to have all the residents live every minute with a purpose and passion for life.”

–Dick Campbell LLC

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