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General Information

The McLellan operates under the the entrance fee financial model. This model requires that you pay an entrance fee and a monthly fee. The entrance fee model of The McLellan assures a stable community of folks who have full access to all common areas of the facility and personal interest and voice in how The McLellan functions as their home. Starting in 2023, The McLellan does offer several appartments without an entrance fee.

The McLellan Entrance Fee

At The McLellan, the entrance fee is 100% refundable and insures that the monthly fee will be locked in and not subject to annual increases for a specific period of time. At The McLellan there are three levels of entrance fees. These levels are dependent on apartment location in the building and amenities specific to each appartment.  Please call and/or visit to inquire about the current entrance fee rate schedule.

Monthly Fee

The monthly fee includes one meal per day and all others services and amenities. The monthly fee includes most living expenses except payment for a landline telephone (the apartments are wired for a telephone in both the entrance way and the bedroom). The monthly fee ranges between $2,200-$3,700 per month depending on the size, location and other amenities for each apartment.  Please call for the current monthly fee rate schedule.

Second Person Fee

The monthly fee described above is for one person. If there is a second person in the unit this will be an additional $500 per month.  This includes one meal per day and all other services and amenities.

Additional Garage Fee

Parking is available at the McLellan. There are 6 outside spaces in the parking lot for residents and their guests. There are 10 fully covered garage spaces with independent garage door openers and some space for storage in each bay.

The garages are available for each resident at an additional monthly fee of $100/month.

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